DS London 181- amiibo league FINAL

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Let’s get ready to amiibo Ruuuuummbllleee!

We’ve been running our amiibo premier league event for 4 weeks now. Trying to find which amiibo is the strongest at Super Smash Bros and now after this long road it’s time for the final! But to keep it open to everyone new and old we’re gonna spread this out and make it an amiibo epic.

Rather than the usual 2 matches per amiibo we’re gonna make sure each amiibo squares off against each other for the most amount of points, Will the veterans hold their ground? Will amiibo newcomers snatch away the glory? All will be decided on 18th July at Heart of Gaming.

The only other rule change is rather than being stuck with your amiibo choice for the entire night we're letting you make one substitution on the day. You can do this at any time but once done it's permanent. 

So the rules for newcomers are as follows

amiibo fight 1 Vs 1

Random omega stage. 

2 stock battles. 

No items

The winner gets 3 points and loser gets one. 

One amiibo per person

One permanent substitution before any match

Heart of Gaming is an awesome arcade near North Acton tube station and usually it’s £10 entry to play all of their awesome arcade machines. But they’ve made a special off for you awesome 3DS and amiibo fanatics. Bring your 3DS and a copy of Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros or Monster Hunter and you’ll get entry for £5. Don’t have a 3DS? Still want to test out your amiibo, just bring along an amiibo and you’ll also get the reduced entry fee!

So charge up your DS, pack up your games, train up your amiibo and we’ll see you all on 18th

Any questions? Send us an email at info@dslondon.net