amiibo Premier League Season 2 - October - Double Trouble

This month saw tag teams enter the automated amiibo ring to see which team would emerge victorious. Let's go through the teams and their results

PK Haymaker  - made up of Nathan's Ness, Crash()) & Lucas' Lil Mac, Smug. They remain undefeated in the whole season with 8 wins. They may have made a perfect team and taken away top points this time. But teams is only a stipulation for this week. They will have to meet at some point. And what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force? I can't wait to find out. 20 points

Team Seaslug - made up of Atlus' Wii Fit Trainer, Metis & Taz' Rosalina came through with an impressive 4 Wins. It brings an end to Atlus' winning streak but it is an impressive start for Taz taking 17 Points in his opening week

Phantom Brawlers - HK's Lil Mac, Phantom & Isaac's Mii Brawler, Reggie had a good week and an impressive 3 Wins, however it is another tale of how the mighty have fallen. HK's Lil Mac registering two losses for this season. It's still early in the season with it all to play for 14 Points

Team Losers - JJ's Cap Falcon, MAH BAE & Angelo's Shulk, Shuk.mp4 didn't live up to their name adding 3 wins to Angelo's pre existing 1 and giving JJ an impressive 14 points for his debut

Tip the Scales - Josh's Robin, Ping()) & Alex's Lucina, Waifucina Deserve the prize for best named team and amiibo, they we're also pretty respectable on the battlefield taking 2 Wins and 11 Points each on their debut to the amiibo Premier league

Waifu Goddesses - Luke's Shulk, Monando's & Ian's Palutena, Trollutena had a respectable first showing during this season with 2 Wins taking 11 Points onto the coming weeks.

Cute 'n' Tough - Eoin' Kirby, Dark Kirby & Becki's Bowser Jr captured 1 Win which makes me think there's possibly too much Cute and not enough tough. Still a solid 8 Points to take home

Amiibros - Tareq's Link, Oktorok & Matthew's Mario, PixlPlumbrcame away with the wooden spoon this week after an unfortunate 0 Wins,  Tareq's Link is still looking for his first win, And I really hope they both get wins next month at the November event  5 Points

The Tables

So with that all that recapping done here's what October's results look like all tabled up

And if that isn't enough sexy data for you here's the total standings so far for the season!

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 09.28.48.png

Nathan and Lucas are sitting pretty on top of the leader board with HK and Angelo finishing up the top four. A lot of people are in 9th place but I'm sure that will smooth out in the coming months.

Well that's it for another round of the amiibo Premier league! We'll be back In November! We're not gonna disclose the theme for November. But we can say there will be Fireworks ;-)

This page will be updated when we have the videos from the event to share. Thanks for reading!

Lee - Thanks once again to Lucas for the pictures, Nathan for his commentary and collating all the results and Humza for Video capturing