Podcast 40 - Carrier Pigeon Podcast

So in this bumper podcast we went to EGX  played loads of games and gave our thoughts on Nintendo's Booth and so much more

We have a ton of  news including Star-Fox's Delay,
Natsume suggesting the 3DS is not going to have any more GB/GBC/NES titles supported, The announcement of Shin Megami Tensei 4 Final, The closure of the Smash ballot and some Shovel Knight amiibo oddness. We also mention the fact you can soon get Hoopa from Game, the awesome Nindies that are around at the moment and a custom Satoru Iwata Amiibo figure that raised $1,900 for charity on eBay 

We then move onto the usual topics of What we’ve been playing, our Past Events this time mostly talking about round 2 of the amiibo League and look forward to the next couple of events we have planned

27th Oct - Tri Force Tuesday @Loading
1st Nov - pokemon BattleMaster @HOG
24th Nov - tennis amiibo festival @Loading

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