amiibo Premier League Season 2 - November

When we announced November's amiibo league didn't pre announce the rule set, instead we chose to keep it secret to try and mix up the formula. Of course we gave hints it was gonna have something to do with bonfire night and sure enough, we surprised everyone with three rounds and three rulesets all themed around Gunpowder, Treason and Plot


Gunpowder was the obvious choice and the simplest of rulesets, 3 stock, omega stages 1 v 1 and a whole load of explosive items. Here's all the matches if you want to sit back and watch the fireworks!

Atlus - Rosalina/Tas beat Matt (Newcomer!) - Best Waifu/Ike
Isaac - Shulk/Monando's beat Matthew - Mario/PixelPlumber
Lucas - Lil Mac/Smug beat Nathan - Robin/Ping(), but only barely.
HK - Lil Mac/Phantom beat Alex - Samus/Spamus
Rich - C. Falcon/Punchy (Newcomer!) beat Jordan (Newcomer!) - Toon Link/Anime Lonk
Tas - ROB/Johnny 5 beat Lee - Mr G&W/Ol' Killa


How do you replicate treason in Smash Bros? Well it's easy! You take one Princess Peach CPU put her against an amiibo team and say the most K.O.s on Peach gets the points. This was great fun and super annoying when your amiibo does all the work only for your opponent to sweep in and get the final blow!

Johnny 5 beat Ping()
Monando's beat Punchy
Phantom beat PixelPlumber
Tas beat Ol' Killa
Smug and Best Waifu drew
Spamus beat Anime Lonk


Fun fact time! There were 8 people in the crew for the gunpowder plot.  . . . .Can you see where we went for this? 8 Player Smash amiibo time! 2 stock and because we had 12 combatants we split them into two groups of 6, top 3 finishers get 3 points! 

In match one Spamus, PixelPlumber and Phantom beat Ping(), Monando's and Ol' Killa.
Match two had Best Waifu, Tas and Johnny 5 beat Punchy, Smug and Anime Lonk.

November's Table

HK, Atlus and Taz take full points. Nathan comes crashing down after subbing Robin for Ness

HK, Atlus and Taz take full points. Nathan comes crashing down after subbing Robin for Ness

Table - September - November

Going into our final event in December this is what the top of the table looks like. It's kind of refreshing that no one has stayed at the top of the table for one whole month. Thanks once again for everyone who brought their amiibo for this months amiibo league. We hope to see you in December for the final event of the season. 

Thanks once again to Humza for recording the footage and Lucas for the photos from the event.