DS London 175 Aftermath

Wow! What a day!

We had a queue of people outside loading with people who turned up 3 hours early just to make sure they got a place in the tournament!  Our 32 slots were filled by 3:20 with only one person having to be turned away from the tournament. We had plenty of people popping along to spectate and so is estimate us having around 45-50 attendees in total. Packing out the basement of Loading! 

Our setup was pretty sweet, with 4 copies of the game running, 3 for the tournament and one spare for casual play. We had a couple of spare GC adapters donated by members of the community which was amazing and we're super thankful for. 

We once again made use of Loading's Projector and PA system displaying one game on the projector with full sound and commentary from myself to get the whole room excited. 

After the first round we had our little side event "The amiibo Royale Rumble" we had 6 people compete in a 6 player smash amiibo only! It was a great laugh with everyone getting cheering on their amiibo as if we were at the races! The underdog Sheldon's Lv47 Pikachu was triumphant at the end of the match. 

It was back to business as usual then for the rest of the tournament. We freed up the other machines for casual play as we got closer to the final. Leaving all of the Semi Finals on the Big Screen. We recorded replays of most of the key matches on the Wii U and hope to use a capture card to get the onto our YouTube channel in the future. Watch this space!

But congratulations to our winner Azooz, 2nd place James M and our 3rd place qualifier Hakim. They have qualified to take part in Streetpass UK's Smash Bros National. The final will be taking place early next year.

A MASSIVE word of thanks to everybody who has attended a DS London event and/or Meetup in 2014, and for supporting us on FacebookTwitter and Meetup.com. You guys are the stars of the show, the reason that DS London has been going strong since 2006 and the reason we enjoy doing what we do.

Without you, none of this would be possible.

DS London will return with another Meetup in early January 2015. Keep an eye out for the event invite/details as they will be up in the not-too-distant future.

There will also be plenty more events and/or tournaments that DS London will be running for you all in the new year - watch this space!

Lee Moore