Nintendo Direct Jan 2015

We're just hours away from the first Nintendo Direct of 2015 so I thought it would be a cool time to make some predictions as to what we'll see! And what better way than to do that on a Bingo Card!

I tried to make it impossible for there to be a Bingo without some pretty earth shattering news so lets go through the squares.

1. "Directly to you" - It should really be known as "Free space 2" But in all honestly I can't wait to see Iwata San again and hope his health has continued to improve!

2. "NEW 3DS launch details" - Now the ambassadors have had their go it's time for the rest of us to find out how much the "New" 3DS and 3DS XL will cost and when they'll be launched! Personally (and rather selfishly I might add) I think they'll be out for my Birthday (5th Feb) and if you want me to nail down a date I'd say January 30th

3. "Starfox" - Of all the lines to complete I think this is the easiest. It's suppossed to be out this year, before Zelda and noo one has seen any direct footage of that. Perfect time for that to change as we head into the new year.

4. "F-Zero" - This is nothing but wishful thinking on my part. F-Zero is probably highest on the list of franchises we wish Nintendo would bring back, there's renewed interest from the Mario Kart 8 DLC but I really can't see it coming back in this direct. And I'd be more than happy to eat my words if it does happen!

5 "Free Space" a tradition on Bingo cards Nothing to see here!

6 "Zelda Wii U / Majora's Mask info" - Nintendo's big game for Wii U of this year would make sense feature but making even more sense would be Majora's Mask. Stated for the first half of this year and with no details apart from whispers about small changes and a short video showing the graphics upgrades. I reckon there's a fair few details Nintendo's holding back about this title and now the holidays are behind us, it might just be the time to spill the beans

7 " Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Details" - Hunters are desperately waiting for the time they can pick this game up and experience this game in english at last. I don't think the community can wait for this game on 3DS and I can't wait to play this, especially on the New 3DS with it's c stick. 

8 "Region Free" - The Golden update that let's your 3DS play Japanese games. It's the stuff of legend and I wish it was coming but for the forseeable future it's not. We're allowed to dream though!

9. "New Wii U" - Either new gamepad or bundle that dramatically changes the offering. The Wii U has been out for 2 years now. It's time Nintendo tried something new to convince people why the console is such an essential purchase. They have the games library, maybe something new hardware wise will convince people to pick up the console. We'll see!

So tune into the Direct here from 2PM GMT and we'll have a chat about it all with our reactions on the podcast as usual! If you have any predictions feel free to send them to us

Lee Moore