DS London 178 & Visit to H.O.G Announcement

Nothing say March madness like meeting up and playing some of the best portable games Nintendo has to offer! And we're so mad we're gonna do it TWICE!

So that’s what we’ll do! On the 10th March we'll have one of our regular Loading Bar event In North London. If this is your first time this is how things usually pan out! We’ll meet up in the basement, grab a drink and our 3DS and play whatever games you fancy playing! Most popular at the moment seems to be Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, though we still have some old firm favourites like Mario Kart 7 and Super Smash Bros!

Speaking of Smash Bros we’ll be continuing our “amiibo Premier League” so power up your amiibo with plenty of items, teach them your best, bring them down and we’ll see who’s is the best in London. You can see the current league standings and rules here

As mentioned above we’ll be at the Loading bar, it’s a great venue with plenty of consoles and board games to play if you ever get bored of all the awesome handheld fun! As the venue is a bar we’d like to once again ask for no outside drinks. Food is O.K. but please be respectful, use the bins and let the bar staff have a nibble

Closest Station is Dalston Kingsland and we'll be there from 7PM on Tuesday 10th March! 

Our second event is a bit of a piggy back, but on the 21st March, Heart of Gaming are having a 3DS Day with reduced price entry and the ability to play all their arcade games for £5 when you show them your 3DS and a game! It's an all nighter so If you fancy playing games until you can't physically move you can even bring a sleeping bag along and crash at the venue for £5 extra, which considering the price of hotels in London is probably the cheapest night accommodation within the M2

They advise to bring your own food and drink and there are a couple of supermarkets nearby you can load up with food and drink before plenty of streetpassing mixed with DDR. So we hope to see you there supporting this great gaming establishment! 

The nearest Tube is North Acton on the Central Line. We'll be heading down from 12PM on Saturday 21st March!