The Amiibo Premier League - Week 3

Entries this week:

Eoin with his Kirby "DarkKirby", Ian with his Yoshi "GonzalesJr", Mairead and her Yoshi "Dubh", Becky and her Sonic "Soniku", Lucy and her Pikachu "Thunderderp"

To keep the match ups even Lucy's Samus "100" was used as a substitute but was ineligible to earn her any points

Each Amiibo was chosen to randomly and the matches were as follows:


  • DarkKirby (3) Vs Dubh (1)

DarkKirby dominated the black Yoshi.

  • GonzalesJr (1) Vs Thunderp (3)

Gonzales put up a good fight, but it was the Pikachu that came out on top.

  • Soniku (3) Vs 100 (NP)

Soniku proved he was a force to be reckoned with, not even 100's Samus Dance of Distraction was enough to prevent Soniku's victory.


  • Soniku (3) Vs GonzalesJr (1)

Soniku didn't hold any punches, the blue blur made short work of the purple Yoshi.

  • Dubh (1) Vs 100 (NP)

It was a bad night for the Yoshis, Dubh couldn't even take down 100.

  • DarkKirby (1) Vs Thunderp (3)

DarkKirby showed his more gentle side refusing to throw or Smash Thunderp, choosing instead to stalk the Pikachu around the battle field

The standings from the night are:

  • Becky +6 points from 2 wins
  • Lucy +6 points from 2 wins
  • Eoin +4 points from 1 win and 1 loss
  • Ian +2 points from 2 losses
  • Mairead +2 points from 2 losses


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