The amiibo Premier League - Week 4

With the football premier league all but finished and the only drama in the last game being all about who gets the final relegation place it was up to the amiibo Premier League to step up and show us it's own brand of nail biting . And boy did it deliver this week.

As it stood Becky was top and Lucy second were with unbeaten amiibo. This week we had the following matches;

Lucy's Samus "l00" Vs Lee's Captain Falcon "Punchy"

A tense fight off between the bounty hunters with 'punchy' providing a nice perfectly timed falcon punch. But in the end l00 was just playing with her food. Charged laser waiting for the perfect moment to dispatch the captain. Lucy's Samus l00 remains undefeated!

Winner Lucy's Samus l00

Mairead's Yoshi "Dubh" Vs Nathan's Marth "Breach"
Would Yoshi break the losing streak? He put up a great fight against Breach() with high defences he was still hanging in there and looking a threat even at 200%, however Breach()'s ace in the hole was his exploding shield (and a multitude of missed side smashes). The Yoshi curse continues

Winner Nathan's Marth "Breach()

Ian's Peach "Vivian" Vs Vaneet's Kirby "KIRBY!!!!!"
Pink off! Ian's Peach got off to a great start and put up a great fight but Vaneet's Pink ball of fluff made short work of Peach.

Winner Vaneet's Kirby "Kirby!!!!!!"

Eoin's Fox ChibiKyu lost to Lucas's Mega Man Mr Roboto
Eoin had a loaner amiibo from Lee to enter and for a while it looked so easy, with a healing item constantly topping up his health chibikyu spent most of the match on 0 health. However Mr.Roboto finally turned up after going a stock down and somehow flipping the game in the comeback of the century. Lucas kindly recorded it here if you want to watch this intense match yourself.

Winner Lucas' Mega Man "Mr.Roboto"

Round 2

Lee's Capt Falcon Punchy VS Mairead's Yoshi Dubh
Neither Lee or Mairead have registered wins at the Amiibo Premier League (Lee's only win was a technicality the first week where only one match was played) and for a while the match looked like it could go either way. Mairead's Yoshi looked like she had it so many times with explosive eggs eating almost all of Punchy's shield. But a perfectly timed FALCON PUNCH ended the match with Punchy registering his first win

Winner Lee's Captain Falcon "Punchy"

Eoin's Fox "ChibiKyu" VS Ian's Peach "Vivian"
We thought this would be close after Fox was robbed in the previous match, however "Vivian" made short work of Fox. I kinda think this amiibo should have it's name changed to Shakira as her hips were doing most of the damage. She was dispatching Fox when his percentage wasn't even that high! A stunning 2-0 victory!

Winner Ian's Peach Vivian

Lucas's Mega Man Mr Roboto Vs. Nathan's Marth Breach
After Roboto's stunning turnaround against Chibikyu the pressure was on Vs League veteran Breach - but cockiness (or bad AI) meant Breach missed endless Forward Smashes. Still, it was a string of explosive shields from Breach that kept Roboto out and took the win, 2-1.

Winner Nathan's Marth "Breach()"

Lucy's Samus l00 Vs. Vaneet's Kirby KIRBY!!!
L00 is one of the League's fiercest fighters and rarely loses a match, but aggressive upstart Kirby!!! Was hungry to claim the crown on his debut matches. L00 raised the suspense by holding onto her charge shot until the perfect moments, even breaking Kirby's shield; but the pink menaces relentless down throws and up tilts racked up the damage for a decisive 2-1 victory.

Winner Vaneet's Kirby "Kirby!!!!!"

Current Standings

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 09.36.53.png


The standings from the night are:

  • Vaneet +6 points from 2 wins
  • Nathan +6 points from 2 wins
  • Lucy +4 points from 1 win and 1 loss
  • Lee +4 points from 1 win and 1 loss
  • Lucas +4 points from 1 win and 1 loss
  • Ian +4 points from 1 win and 1 loss
  • Mairead +2 points from 2 losses
  • Eoin +2 points from 2 losses

So there is only 2 points between the top 3 places. It's gonna go down to the wire. The next amiibo premier league will be the last of the season. We'll have a cool prize for the winning amiibo and their owner. 

Thanks for everyone for competing and see you all at the next DS London meet up!