DS London @ MCM October 2016

So MCM, we've all heard about that right?   Or perhaps you've never been to a Convention before, or maybe you are a veteran Con-goer complete with your own cosplays, well regardless I'm going to give a little run down on what MCM is, what happened at the last event and what to expect if you ever go in the future.

 MCM at a QUITE time!

MCM at a QUITE time!

So to begin...what is MCM?

MCM is a large convention, here in London it is held in the Excel Centre usually twice a year.  People from all walks of life attend MCM, some to socialise, some to wear cosplays, some to just go shopping from the wide range of otaku goods available from the stall and the odd few for the Japanese style food.  There are also Special Guests attending for signings, talks and photo sessions - so there really is something for everyone at MCM!


So what does DS London do at MCM?

We organise meets for our fellow DS Londoners (everyone is a DS Londoner for a day) with our friends in Streetpass UK, take photos of stunning cosplayers and of course shopping!

So what happened this time?

This time I took photos of cosplayers, got their photos up on our social media channels, met SUDA51 for an autograph for a friend, co-organised a Streetpass UK meet, and bought some Con Swag and even got a commission off one of the lovely artists!!  So I got in a little bit of everything this time!

So what would you recommend for going to MCM in the future?

First off buy your tickets in advance online.  Weekend priority passes sell out fast, so if you are planning on going all weekend then snap that up!

On the days I'd recommend drinking lots of water, lots and lots of water.  Hydration is key to not passing out in the stuffiness of the halls (there's a lot of people, it's going to get stuffy even with the air con on).  If you are cosplaying, then drink even MORE water.

If you are going to a signing, I recommend queueing for that person as soon as you are allowed to by the staff.  Don't leave it until the appointed time.  I queued for SUDA51 30 minutes before his timeslot started and was the first in the queue, when I left the queue for him was past the signing area carpet and looked to be an hour/hour and a half long.

Follow all directions given to you by the Security and Stewards, they are there to help you get around the large Con and they are always happily to help.  If there is an emergency pay attention to what they have to say for they know the safest way to leave the building.

If you have children under 10, then up to two can go free with a paying adult - brilliant for those family cosplays!



Sure!  This is 90% of everything I go at MCM this time, the only missing item is some Sonic the Hedgehog bedsheets which are in the wash right now...I always forget about one item in my swag shots ;_;

Hope this little write up has been helpful and can't wait to see you all at the next Convention!!