amiibo Premier League Season 3 - FINAL ROUND!

As before our rules for today are:

  • 1 vs 1

  • 2 Stock

  • 4 minutes

  • Random Omega Stage

  • No Items

  • No Auto Heal Skill

Points are awarded as so:

  • Win - 4

  • Lose - 1

  • Sudden Death - 2 points each

and with Fame, Fortune and eShop credit on the line - it's time to show everyone who's amiibo is the BEST!!

Today's combatants are as follows:


Round One:

Pairings were pulled from Mairead's hat and ended up as:

Light Kirby Vs KIRBBEHH!

Light Kirby smashed KIRBBEE, not bad for it's first ever professional match!


Light Kirby 4 points

KIRBEE 1 Point


Starbucks Vs Dark Kirby

The clash of the regular amiibo ended with the star princess crying in to her luma


Dark Kirby 4 Points

Starbucks 1 point


Smug Vs Retro Mario

Smug the Little Mac mad up for his absences by smashing retro Mario back into 8 bit heaven


Smug 4 points

Retro Mario 1 point



Round Two:

Amiibo on similar points were paired up via Emmy's hat again

Light Kirby vs Dark Kirby

Today was a good day for Light Kirby as he smashed Dark Kirby back into the shadows


4 points to Light Kirby, Total 8 points

1 point to Dark Kirby, total 5 points



Today was not a good day for KIRBBEEE as the Little Mac Mac attacked him bad


4 points to Smug, total 8 points

1 point ot KIRBBEEE, total 2 points


Starbucks vs Retro Mario

Starbuck made up for his last match by taking her frustrations out on Retro Mario


4 points to Starbucks, total 5 points

1 point to Retro Mario, total 2 points



Final round! FIGHT!

Light Kirby Vs Smug

Newcomer Light Kirby's beginner's luck ran out as Smug snatched victory


4 points to Smug, total 12 points

1 point to Light Kirby, total 9 points


Dark Kirby Vs Starbucks

Starbuck must have been still upset from her first lose as she went for Dark Kirby smashing him out of existence


4 points to Startbucks, total 9 points

1 point to Dark Kirby, total 6 points


KIRBEE vs Retro Mario

Retro Mario wasn't letting the the hungry blob take this win from him and stomped his way to victory


4 points to Retro Mario, total 6 points

1 point to KIRBEEE, total 3 points


So how does that effect the standings? Well here they are now:


At the end of the day it's accumulated points that matters and that means we have winners!  A big shout out to our winners Ian, Lucas and Eoin!  You guys have won the amiibo League and won yourselves eShop vouchers courtesy of Nintendo UK.


A big thanks to Thomas Ralph of for taking photos on the day.  Please visit his gallery here if you'd like to see more of his work ->


Thank you all for coming and making this amiibo league great!  See you all next time!