Event donations Q&A

Thanks to everyone for their support for Switch London throughout the years.

We’ve always tried our hardest to keep our little grass roots community as affordable as possible. However starting from our July 7th event we’re suggesting a donation of £1 for the upkeep of our website and meet up fees.

Anyway theres more space on our website so lets do a common questions Q&A!

How comes you're charging the moneys? Whats changed?

Well the big things that changed is that Joe has moved on from meet up. Joe Lee has been paying meetup.com membership fees and keeping Switch London free for an awfully long time so our thanks go to him first and foremost. We want Switch London to be sustainable. Meetup.com costs around £140 for a year. This website costs around £100 a year. We want to keep running this community. Anything we get over this amount we'll use to purchase prizes for events. 

I don't use meet up or your website or podcast so just dump them and make it free again!

We have tried not putting events on Meet Up. We have found those events tend to have lower attendance and whenever we ask "how did you find out about us?" a high amount of response is for "meetup.com" It's a great place for people to discover events and as people seem to be turning away from Facebook for ahem reasons. This seems like a bad time to place more reliance of our community on a giant company that cares less and less about sharing our events. 

Are you going to use all the money to get rich?

Hardly. We're gonna cover costs for the websites and any leftover we'll use to get prizes for events so we can give back to the community


Any other questions please leave them in the comments!

Lee and the team at Switch London