Happy new year to everyone from Switch London! 

We’ve got a couple bits of news to share with everyone. I think the best way to group them is under two simple headings. Good and Bad 

Bad first I’m afraid (I like to rip my band aids off quickly) Due to multiple reasons we are putting Switch London on hiatus and will not be planning any further events for 2019. We’ve had an amazing journey with DS London and now Switch London. Due to multiple and some unforeseen circumstances we don’t feel we can deliver events that meet our standards consistently within 2019. So we’re gonna hit pause, see where things lie in 6 months time. Our website will go down and our Meet up group will end. These are ongoing financial contributions we can’t commit to in this period of instability. 

The Good is kinda brief. With no financial contributions needed for the website and Meetup.com we’re removing the donation from January’s event. We’d love to see a big turnout for our final hurrah and a goodbye to Switch London for now. To give everyone a bit more time so they don’t miss this hurrah we’re gonna delay the event by a week .

So we’ll see you on 21st January for our first event of 2019 and our last in 2019. Thank you so much for your love and support of Switch London and previous DS London. It has been an incredible time and I feel like a lot has changed with the world. However nothing beats Mario Kart with friends old and new. 

Lee and the rest of the team at Switch London

Lee Moore