The amiibo Premier League

Yesterday's DS London meet up saw the launch of our amiibo Premier League. We got a bunch of people together and let them fight with their amiibos. We kept a record of the wins and losses but we just wanted to make a nice blog post so everyone could see how they came and what the rules will be going forward.

1. 1 amiibo per person. You can substitute your amiibo each meet up. However once you choose your amiibo for that meet up you cannot change back for your second match. 

2. amiibo will fight in a single 1v1 match, 2 stock, no items, random Omega stage. against two opponents per meet up.

3. The winner of the match will get 3 points, the loser will get 1

4. The Season runs from 17th February till 28th May 2015 where first place will get a prize*

Last thing to clear up as this was our first time trying something like this we got the feedback that 1 match was kinda too quick. So from now on we'll have 2 matches at each event! To reward everyone who came along we'll award a bonus 3 points onto their regular scores. 

The Matches

1.Becky's Pikachu "pikapea"  Beat Sheldon's Pikachu "Chico(MD)"

2.Jordan's kirby "Cakeluster" Beat Derrin's Mario "Dario"

3.Lyn-dae's Liittle Mac "Cutie Pie"  Beat Kofie's Fox - "Fox"

4. Nathan's Marth  "Breach()" Beat Lee's Fox "Chibikyu" 

So the Table looks like this

I'm sure this spreadsheet will be loads more interesting in the future!

it's not too late to join the league! All you need to do is train up your amiibo and bring it along to our next meet up! We'll post more details of our next event in the coming weeks so stay tuned!