The amiibo Premier League - Week 2

Round 2 Fight! 

This week 6 people brought along their amiibo to take part in the league, if you want to catch up on the previous matchweek and see all the rules you can find it here 


The only substitute this week was Becky moving from her Pikachu "Pikapea" to her Sonic amiibo "Soniku"

New Challengers

We had 3 new challengers entering the fray this week! Mairéad joined in with her Yoshi "Dubh" Lucy's Samus "100" and Ella's Yoshi "Nyum" joined the league this week

The Matches

Lucy Samus 100 Beat Mairéad's Yoshi "Dubh"

Lucy winning the DS London admin grudge amiibo match narrowly.

Lyn-Dae's Little Mac "Cutie Pie Beat" Nathan's Marth "Breach()"

Lyn-Dae continued her unbeaten run with a crushing victory over Nathan's Marth

Becky's Sonic "Soniku" Beat Ella's Yoshi "Nyum"

Ella wasn't off to the best start as Becky made sure to keep her unbeaten run going.

Nathan's Marth "Breach()" Beat Mairéad's Yoshi "Dubh"

Despite losing a stock early on, Nathan's Marth somehow managed to claw back a victory, much to Mairéad's disappointment 

Lucy's Samus "100" Beat Ella Yoshi "Nyum"

This was the point in the night when it was confirmed that the Yoshi amiibo were having a bad week. Lucy's Samus making it 4 Yoshi defeats and confirming her 2nd Win.

For the final match it was Becky Vs Lyn-Dae for the top of the table. 

Becky Sonic "Soniku" Beat Lyn-Dae's Little Mac" Cutie Pie"

Becky takes top of the league as Lyn-Dae's Little Mac plainly didn't show up! It was billed as an hours long fight between giants but in reality it was over shortly into the first round

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 11.06.36.png


Don't forget there's still plenty of time to take part and get to the top of the table! League will not take place during our visit to to The Heart of Gaming on 21st so we'll see you in April for the next matches in the amiibo Premier League!