amiibo Premier League Season 2 - September

Season 2 of the Amiibo premier league kicked off in style at the Heart of Gaming on 19th September. we had 14 plastic NFC Toys ready to find out who was the champion! After the first 3 rounds it feels like there's a set of elite amiibo everyone should be a aiming to beat.  So without further ado here's the table

It's still all to play for!

It's still all to play for!

So we've got 4 amiibo that have won all three games. It's early days yet and there's always next months event to attend and earn points at.  But to give you some heads up lets have a look at the data we've got so far. 

  • Little Mac is looking like the amiibo of choice this season both HK and Lucas used him for their perfect amiibo league week. 
  • Vaneet took advantage of the weekly rule change adding a smash ball magnet helping him achieve a solid placing in mid table. 
  • Draws are a thing now! If you're amiibo is too defensive during the four minute match you'll time out! We suggest you pump everything into attack and speed. It seems like the best strategy at the moment
  • Nathan's Ness amiibo  "Crash()" hasn't lost a match since being substituted in during last season's amiibo league final. Who will take him out?
Step one to winning. Get a little Mac.  

Step one to winning. Get a little Mac.  

So do you want a piece of the action? Think your amiibo could take down some of the people at the top of the league? We'll be back at the Heart of Gaming on October 10th for Round 2 of Season 2 from 4PM for some ultimate amiibo battles! Hope to see you then! Same amiibo time, Same amiibo place!

UPDATE - After much arguing with my computer I've finally managed to upload the highlights onto YouTube. 6 Awesome amiibo matches for your enjoyment!

Massive thanks to Vaneet, Lucas and Humza for all their help on the day. Photos courtesy of Lucas