amiibo Premier League S2 - December

December. Themed amiibo fights. This one was gonna be kinda obvious but we decided to have lots of food and lots of Freezie items on a festive animal crossing stage to celebrate the holidays. Nice and simple! So here are the results with the remaining stock count. For example in the first match Jordan's Toon link beat Lucas's Mii Brawler (Which was designed too look like Reggie) with two stock remaining.

Round One

Jordan's Toon Link    2-0   Lucas' Mii Brawler 

Eoin's Dark Kirby   0-1   TAS's Rosalina

David's Ike   0-1 Tareq's Link

Nathan's Ness    2-0Jonathan's Kirby 

Isaac's Shulk    0-1    JJ's Captain Falcon 

sub - Wii fit trainer    0-1    Atlus' ROB

Round Two

Jordan - Toon Link    0-1    David's Ike

Nathan's Ness    2-0Eoin's Kirby

Isaac's Shulk    2-0    Lucas' Mii-Brawler  

sub - Wii fit trainer    2-0    TAS' Rosalina  

Atlus' ROB    1-0    Tareq's Link          

JJ's Captain Falcon    0-1    Jonathan's Kirby  

Round Three

Jordan's Toon Link    1-1    Eoin's Kirby   

David's Ike    0-2Lucas' Mii-Brawler 

Nathan's Ness    1-0    TAS' Rosalina      

Isaac's Shulk    1-0    Tarik - Link  

sub - Wii fit trainer     0-1    Jonathan's Kirby  

Atlus's ROB     0-1    JJ - Captain Falcon 


Nathan sits atop December's table

Nathan sits atop December's table

Nathan's formidable Ness took all 3 wins and was the only amiibo to do so. My favourite thing from this table is that no amiibo had a perfect run of 3 defeats. It's almost as if everyone amiibo was in a giving mood. Although the wooden spoon this month is reserved for Eoin who's best result was a draw. 

14 matches and 4 months later the table looks like this.  

14 matches and 4 months later the table looks like this.  

Altus holds onto the top spot in the league. Nathan goes back to his winning Ness and climbs back to 2nd while Lucas doesn't learn from Nathan's lesson, switches amiibo and plummets down to 3rd. 

Well according to our original plan this would all be over by now. However we're having too much  so we're gonna keep going well into the new year. 

Lastly thanks for for everyone with their help in the amiibo league this month. Nathan for his Wii U , Lucas for the photos, Jonathan for a last minute Wii U charger saviour and Isaac for sorting out all the matches. 

Thanks to everyone for their support for the amiibo League and DS London. Happy Holidays and have a great festive break and we'll see you all in the new year!