Chibi-Robo Zip Lash! Preview

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows from the outset I really have a connection to this little guy.

The original Chibi-Robo was an 3D platform cleaning adventure, you collected happy points, upgraded your battery, found and created shortcuts to traverse the house and cheer up all of inhabitants. Nintendo consoles seem to close out with amazing games that no one appreciates till much later. This is the GameCube's. But now Chibi-Robo is staring in his very own side scrolling action platformer. Calling it a departure doesn't even come close.

Chibi can now use his plug chord as a lasso, using it to bop enemies and to attach to surfaces to he can climb higher. He can also use it like a Helicopter to extend his jump and float safely down. His movements are pretty satisfying to play with and his ability to aim either straight ahead or at a 45• angle does make it feel a bit likea throwback to Bionic Commando. His zip-lash power let's you stand still, take aim and throw your chord, letting it bounce of walls to hit multiple switches and enemies. Powerups are littered throughout the stage to increase the length of Chibi's Zip-lash.

Speaking of things being littered throughout the stage you can find plenty of litter that needs tidying along with plenty of other objectives making the game seem like a really satisfying collectathon. So yeah like Metroid, I'd love to see another giant full Chibi-Robo game. But I'm not gonna complain that I get to control this awesome minature robot through some promising 2D platform levels.