DS London X Streetpass UK

Evening all! Just wanted to let everyone know we've been featured a couple of times on the Streetpass UK website


So first is a quick Q&A about Splatoon you can find here . This was all done pre launch and I've gotta say there's a couple of things I would love to add to it. Firstly I don't play Splatoon as a 'competitive' game at all. It's simply just fun. Sure it's team versus team, but the moment to moment gameplay is where the enjoyment really comes in for me. Managing to splat that one guy who got you two times before, surprising someone by jumping out the wall, using your special and just just painting and spraying ink everywhere all these things are that make Splatoon amazing. 

I also want to say the lack of voice chat has for the most part been a blessing. So many shooters feature voice chats with people half my age hurling horrific uncalled for abuse and I'm glad Splatoon omits this. I would still love to be able to talk to my friends however as I think it would be great to easily chat without having to hook up Skype beforehand. Maybe I'm just lazy. 

The other DS London invasion on Streetpass UK is Harrison and his opinion for what to expect at E3. You can read that here and be especially sad seeing as how close we almost came

Lastly Lee (yeah, him again) featured on the E3 special of the Streetpass UK podcast (for real this time) You can hear how unrealistically he's buying almost every Nintendo game this Christmas and why he won't be signing your Metroid Federation Force cancellation petition. 

Thanks for reading