Today Nintendo announced their plans and well, they really do a much better job of telling you everything than I ever could


Gotta say it just looks like the guys at Nintendo are having fun with these videos. I guess when the alternative is boring meetings having some fun in the Nintendo gym for an afternoon must be a nice break from the norm.

So the dates for your diary are;

Sunday 14th June  - Nintendo World championships they're as global as the World Series so don't go searching for an application form if you live outside of the U.S. It's a nice way of replacing the whole left by last years "Smash Bros Invitational"

Tuesday 16th June 5PM BST -  Nintendo Digital Event here's were the big news will drop. Don't get your hopes too high for anything about mobile or the NX. I'll post my bingo card in the coming weeks on what I think we'll see. 

June 16-18 - Treehouse@E3 This is the dark horse in the lineup, last year plenty of gameplay details trickled out of this constantly with developers giving amazing insights on their games. So even though it's not the big flashy main event keep your eye on this! 

Just under 5 weeks to climb aboard the hype train! Choo Choo!

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