E3 - 2015


There's only 72 hours till Nintendo's Digital Event and for the first time in our 9 year history we're going to watch the proceedings live and you're invited along!

We'll be at the Loading Bar from around 4pm. If you didn't know, they're an awesome gaming bar and they'll have a lovely big screen to watch the event streamed live! The nearest tube is Dalston Kingsland on the London Overground. 

If that wasn't enough we've got a couple of cool things to separate it from our usual events. Firstly we will have bingo cards! We've smashed a ton of Nintendo words together and put them into random bingo cards.  Everyone who attends will get one, and if you manage to get match a line of words on your Bingo card you'll win a £10 eShop voucher!


Secondly everyone coming for the Nintendo live stream will be able to get a free drink while stocks last! First come first served and all that!

As for announcements and my guesses. Well at this point there's quite a lot about Nintendo's upcoming announcements that have leaked. We have Hyrule Warriors coming to 3DS and  Ryu and Roy coming to Smash Bros. Canadians seem sure that Mario Maker is coming out in September leaving Star-Fox and Xenoblade Chronicles X as Nintendo's big holiday Wii U titles. So the big surprises come down to whatever Retro Studios has been up to for the last year and a half after Tropical Freeze shipped. It's been too long since a Metroid game and I'd love to see Samus Aran kicking ass in glorious High Definition. 

So that's my guesses. What would you like to see from the conference? Leave a comment below and let us know! Or come on down to the Loading Bar on Tuesday and we'll find out in live in person! See you there!