Star Fox 0 Preview

StarFox 0 was one of the most hyped and eagerly looked forward games for E3. And yet after its announcement it seems to have all gone quiet. It's a StarFox game! On a home console! The first time since StarFox Assault on the GameCube. What could make everyone walk away feeling so cold?

The controls

As you've no doubt read by now you control your ship with the left analogue stick and aim your reticle by using the gyro in the Wii U gamepad. This means: you can now aim independently of your ships movements and it frees up buttons for some cool transformations.  The demo had 2 Levels and a training level, and I wasn't going to head into a training level so I started up my G-diffuser and headed to Corneria. When your Arwing is On-rails the controls work best. You can just ignore the cockpit view on the gamepad screen and enjoy the beauty of Corneria in HD taking out a few enemies for fun, feeling slightly challenged. Then you head to a Boss and the game moves into All Range mode. And when your ship comes off rails and it feels like the training wheels do too. It felt harder to control but the slow moving robot spiders were quickly dispatched.

The second Demo has you in Area 3 in deep space having a dogfight with Pigma. Here the idea is to use loops and tight corners to get behind your enemy and take them down. Lots of spinning around in space is already pretty disorientating but mix into that 2 screens and the fact that one of the best ways to keep an eye on Pigma is with the action cam which gives you a cinematic zoomed out view of the battle it can leave you feeling kinda dizzy and disorientated. 

On my first play through I felt pretty deflated. I walked away really confused about how I thought this game would play. And after testing a couple of games and playing some Smash to clear my head and then I ventured back to give StarFox 0 another try. This time all I heard was Falco's repeated cries of "leave some of them for the rest of us Fox!" Pigma was dispatched far smoother than before taking about half the time than my first attempt with none of the dizziness. 

I guess it's hard to take these 2 short demo levels and figure out how I feel about StarFox 0. That difficulty spike with Pigma left me wondering how StarFox 0 is gonna turn out. If the difficulty curve is perfect I'm sure my issues won't really be as apparent, as you would've improved in between these stages. This game is being made by Platinum games and Nintendo. Even though it feels a little rough around the edges, I trust that they'll sort out those quibbles before it comes out later this year.