DS London is Evolving

Nintendo have a new console and DS London has been looking at this place and we want to try and sort out some of these cobwebs! 

The Nintendo DS came out in 2004 and DS London was founded in 2006. and after over a decade of amazing fun it’s time to make a big change to our name! 


From now on DS London will rebrand as Switch London

Now before anyone starts wondering we’re not completely abandoning the 3DS (or the DS for that matter just yet!) It’s still near and dear to our hearts and we love it so much we stuck it in our shiny new logo. We’ll still keep you updated on any 3DS games that are coming out and we’ll still carry our 3DS games with us to events. For the time being the future of Nintendo looks like the Switch and its a portable consoles and we’ve always been about getting out of the house, meeting new people and playing Nintendo games. 

Looking at the games to come also makes us super excited, a couple years ago we looked into running a local Splatoon tournament. To run such a thing we needed 8 Wii U, 8 Copies of the game, 8 USB LAN adapters and a network adaptor to connect them all. Yuck. The Switch is gonna make it much easier to hold bigger more awesome events!

So thank you all for sticking with DS London for the last decade, we can’t say we’ll still have this name in 10 years time however So long as we still have awesome people turning up to events It doesn’t really matter what we’re called anyway.

The team at Switch London

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