Tri Force and BlastBall

Being DS London we're all about multiplayer 3DS games, so having 2 games turn up during Nintendo's digital event felt pretty epic.  

The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes was introduced first and is a 3 player Zelda game. While you can play the final game by yourself the demo area had a couple of Nintendo reps to fill out the numbers up to three. We played a couple of games, once in the easier forest area and then stepped it up to a more challenging dungeon. One of the new additions to the Zelda formula hits you right at the start with you choosing an outfit when you start out  you can choose different outfits that give you different buffs while you explore the dungeon. I quickly chose the Zelda outfit (it's the closest we'll get to a female Link till Hyrule Warriors Legends next year ) and got the buff of being able to be more likely to find hearts in pots. Some of them had more powerful spin attacks or being able to create larger bombs any time. This is a pretty cool mechanic and I'm sure the designers have some pretty cool outfits in the pipeline. 

The rest of Tri Force Heroes seems like a really nice blend between "Four Swords" and "a Link between worlds" with both the controls and art style of the latter (although oddly toon link seems to feature in the hand drawn emoticons used to communicate through online play) and the totem mechanic of stacking players up seems like a great use of the 3D effect. So a cool quirky 3DS Zelda game to play with friends this year and tide us over till the big open world of the somehow still unnamed Wii U Zelda. I'm on board with this.

I suppose it's a better name that "Generic Ball"

I suppose it's a better name that "Generic Ball"

Metroid Prime: Federation Force had perhaps the worst reception of any Nintendo title since either Wii Music or The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. It's a 4 player co-op game that takes place in the Metroid universe and you don't play as Samus Aran. And I'd love to tell you how it plays but it wasn't available to try. Instead I got to have a try at BlastBall, the competitive ball game it comes with. It's 3V3 futuristic space football shooting a giant ball into a giant goal that gets progressively smaller. Like Metroid games you can move with the left stick and lock onto your target with the left shoulder button and shoot with A. Charge shots send the ball flying and you can adjust the angle you hit the fine detail of where you aim by holding R and using the gyroscope. Or as someone else put it, don't play it like football. Play it like snooker! Aim a full powered shot at the bottom of the ball and watch it chip over the opposition and leave them chasing the ball. 

It's great fun and you can also be slimy by at your opponents to kill them and leave the other team with less players for a short moment. I had fun with the couple of games I had, I'm looking forward to what happens to the game by the time it comes out next year.